Smart Living Design Competition

The design intent was very simple: keep it uncomplicated and inexpensive but design it to reflect a modern lifestyle. Additionally, the interior is to be clean, minimal, and easy to maintain. The living, dining and kitchen are in one large open area. The kitchen is simple with minimal cabinets with the dining room table directly adjacent. One side of the main living space is lined with "pantry" like doors that conceal several different functions of the space. The kitchen cabinets extend beyond what is defined as the edge of the kitchen and continues into the living room and become storage as well as an entertainment center for TV, stereo system and fireplace. The end wall of the living room wall is additionally a row of cabinet doors but these serve as various rooms for the residence - bathroom, office, and the entrance to the Master Bedroom. This layout serves as an efficient use of space allowing the main space to become multi-functional and still maintain a simple, clean, modern look.

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