Archrival is a youth marketing agency. Archrival provides clients with trend-smart expertise and services necessary to formulate effective marketing programs that influence young consumers in authentic, meaningful channels and make their brand relevant in youth culture. This project is for the design of a new 5000 s.f office space integrating both the Archrival's brand and it's requirements for a progressive environment. This project is an exploration of the extension of a brand into a physical working space. Archrival rebranded with the idea of celebrating it's Midwestern roots. Their entire identity system explored rural forms, colors, icons. Their space needed to reflect this rural, agrarian background and instead hiding their location as their previous collateral materials did (there was no physical address on them) they shouted as loud and as creatively as possible they are from the country, they hick. The process began with many hours driving the countryside photographing. Anything that was interesting, barns, silos, cows, fences, billboards, churches, abandoned cars was thought to be useful and inspirational. From these pictures a list of imagery was associated with particular spaces and after a general layout was established those images were dissected into useful elements to be utilized and/or abstracted in the space. A huge billboard was used as the backdrop for the entry, a front end of Ford truck was utilized for the reception desk (with working headlamp as a task light), recycled 1x material from the basement of the building was used to create a "corn crib" for a brainstorming space, vertical florescent lights were installed in a field as a gallery and installation. The project received countless awards from both architectural and graphic design organizations.

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